HTC One X: Camera Sample Images

The following images were taken with HTC One X rear Camera (8 mega-pixel, 28mm, f/2.0) in auto setting:

The camera focus speed on HTC One X is incredible fast, press once on screen part to focus, it will auto focus and ready for you to perform capturing. HTC done a good choice on Camera shutter sound and focus notification, it does improve the camera taking experience.

By Comparing photo taking experience on HTC One X (HOX) and SE Xperia Arc:

  • Image quality seems quite identical on both
  • Image exported from HOX is more closer on what you see on phone’s screen
  • HOX’s camera user interface is extreme friendly
  • Low light capture is better because of the HOX aperture f/2.0
  • Bokeh is easier to achieve and looks a lot nicer on HOX
  • The “Tap-on focus” or “Touch focus” performed in high accuracy
  • Successful rate on HOX is 60% higher because of the fast capture
  • Macro gets better and scene captured is wider since HOX comes with 28mm lens
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