The Orang Asli Trail Run 2012 (Photo Albums)

 (Kg Batu 16, Jalan Bentong Lama, Gombak)

Another year of successful event done by The Orang Asli Trail Run organizing team and volunteers. Enjoyed every bit of the event, ambience of orang asli village, jungle trail, river stream crossing, leeches bite and chit-chat with elite runners.

Organizing team puts lots of efforts in to ensure everything going smooth. With quick response Facebook event page, detailed brief note e-mails, nice arrangement of convoys, car pooling meeting points, nicely done trail marking, Orang Asli musical performance, lucky draws and delicious Orang Asli brunch.

 (Karen Loh on briefing before the run)

For those that miss out this year’s run, remember to register as early as possible when registration open on next year. The village is small with limited parking space, plus organizer are concern of overcrowding and enjoyment of the event. So, the number of participants will be very limited and easily fully registered within few days.

For any sponsors that interested to involve this event next year, kindly contact Karen Loh or Running for Orang Asli support group.

The Orang Asli Trail Run 2012 Photo Album

Below are photo albums that shared by OA Trail Run 2012 runners:

(Video by kampungtoys)

(Video credit to yehui38)

Gao Ren Guan Restaurant 高人馆

One of the nice Hakka Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur and of course I went to the one nearest to home. A restaurant that my aunty calls it “Mouth drooling” 流口水 restaurant.

M-10-G, Palm Square, Jaya One,
72A, Jalan Universiti,
46200 Petaling Jaya,

Tel : +603-7955 3266

A family of 6 of us had very much enjoyed the delicious food with so much temptation to keep ordering while our stomachs can no longer fill.

Char siew, Yam & dried shrimp fried rice 叉烧虾米芋头炒饭 (RM9.90)

Well fragrant rice with chey cubes of char siew and yam. The yam itself has not much taste of yam but maybe because the dried shrimp and a little of dried salted fish covered yam taste. Like all usual fried rice, it also has eggs.

 Fried glass noodle 炒冬粉 (RM9.90)

If you love char kwey teow, you will like this dish, as they are quite similar taste. I definitely do, more than towards the fried rice. Most importantly it doesn’t taste too oily with prawns, chives, bean sprouts, egg and char siew.

Spare ribs with special sauce 招牌长骨  (RM30.00)

Spare ribs is one of my favourite but I’m usually very reluctant to order with the worry that it’s hard to chew without eating like a barbarian. This time, no regrets, it was good. Each of us had one but was not enough, definitely! The tender juicy meat was easily peeled of from the bone. The sauce is a sweet “special” sauce. Your jaw will be happy to have it in the mouth! 🙂

Gao Zou Vegetable 高州心 (豆豉鲮鱼) (RM16.00)

I can’t remember when was the last time I had this dish. I missed it when I saw it. It’s crunchy and not overcooked with black bean dace. Truth, I miss this dish because of the black bean dace more than the vegetable itself. (^=^)/

Braised chicken with ginger & mushroom 子姜冬菇烩鸡 (RM18.00)

If you are more a “salt-tooth” person, this is a very nice dish with plain rice. The salty ginger sauce is absorbed into the mushroom and also leaving the chicken tender and juicy. Ginger is not my favourite ingredient but it’s not too much on the sauce that I think it blends it well.

Tilapia fish (spicy) 金风鱼(香辣)(RM35.00)

Fried Tilapia fish that is crispy on the outside, not dried on the inside. Pour over with “nyonya” curry. I am not so sure what the curry name is but it has nyonya taste but with more santan and chilli. It is a very spicy dish not only for me (with weak spiciness tolerance level) but also for my family (with very much higher spiciness tolerance level).

Hot pepper pig stomach soup 胡椒猪肚汤 (RM18.00)

A dish that we were reluctant to order because it’s so easily cook at home but did anyway. It was good spicy. The soup tasted like it has not added water and it’s pure which I’m not sure how pure it is. The pig stomach looks very clean and it chewy enough that you don’t need to chew too long before swallowing. I just think they should give more pig stomach. hehe :p Greedy-me!

There was one last dish that was always my favourite Hakka food and I was so indulge in it I forgot about pictures.

Braised nam yu pork belly 南乳五香焖炸肉 (RM14.00)

I think that they have put just a little more of fermented soya bean curd 南乳 because it’s a little bit too salty but it’s just good if you eat with plain rice. I like the overall taste and the best was how the sauce absorbs into the pork belly and you won’t feel too “fat” eating the real fat.

Dessert time – Nothing much on the menu and we nearly ordered everything on the menu. Does hakka people have desserts? I don’t know but I don’t think these are.

Mango pudding (RM5.90)

Mango-powdered-taste pudding. A little artificial mango taste but I guess most mango pudding tastes like that. One good point is the taste tells you they don’t purposely save on the mango essence.

Snow fungus with soya (RM5.90)

This dessert doesn’t amze me. It’s soya! Ohya, with white fungus.

Longan & sea coconut (RM5.90)

Out of the 3, I vote for this and it’s what I ordered. Sweet but not too sweet and cooling but actually, it’s just normal.

GPS coordinates in Google Maps

Steps to get GPS coordinate for a specific location from Google Maps,

i) Search your location or Point of interest
ii) Right-click on the point and click “Center map here
iii) Click on “Link” icon on left panel
iv) Look at the Link URL (make sure the “Short URL” unchecked). For example, below is the link:

vi) 3.231656,101.724257 within the link is the GPS coordinates
vii) To double confirm, search the coordinates (3.231656,101.724257) on Google Maps again

As images below,

iPhone 4S Tripod Stand Mount Holder

Update: Sold Out sold to Lee on 29,

Item: iPhone 4S Tripod Stand Mount Holder
Price: RM 15
Dealing method: Cash
Location of seller: Cheras / Kajang / Petaling Jaya
Item conditions: Good


Material: Plastic
Width: 4.5 cm – 6.2 cm
Length: 7.0 cm – 8.5 cm
Weight: 26g

Package Contains

Tripod Stand Mount Holder x1 (exclude tripod and iPhone)