Sony announces Reschedules Xperia Android 4.0 Updates

Sony, are you kidding me? While other Smartphone brand users are enjoying ICS by now, Sony decide to delay the rollout from March to mid-April. Even worst for newly launched Sony Xperia S, users need to wait until late of Second Quarter 2012. Read the official article here, The van’s around the corner: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich software upgrade coming to 2011 Xperia smartphones starting from mid-April

In addition, no OTA updates avaialble, according to official: “we’ll only be making it available for download via PC Companion and Bridge for Mac (i.e. not over the air via 3G or WiFi), and you also won’t receive any update requests or notifications.”

Kindly read through this article too, “Learn about the technical differences between Gingerbread and ICS “. It sounds like Sony is not encouraging users update to Android 4.0 platforms. As this quote from the artile, “…although ICS is new and compelling in many ways, we would like all of our users to make an informed decision when selecting what Android™ software to use. We are actually proud to say that our Gingerbread software is very stable and has great performance, so it’s not a bad idea to stay on this platform if your top priority is extreme stability.”

As a Xperia phone user, i am pissed off. Be ashamed Sony!

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