Lotus (at Proton Power of 1)

There are Lotus booths in Proton Power of 1 event, i have to say luckily Proton did purchased Lotus. The exist of sports cars such as Lotus Exige S, Lotus Evora, Lotus Evora IPS and Lotus E20 Formula 1 does makes the event more attractive.

Lotus E20 Formula 1

Lotus Exige S

Lotus Evora

Lotus Evora IPS

There are also R3 Satria Neo, Lotus Elise and Lotus E20 Formula 1 will demo ability of the cars on the track. Too bad i am only manage to capture Lotus Elise on action, not sure is a Elise 1.6 or Elise CR.

Proton P3-21A (at Proton Power of 1)

As some of you already know, the new Proton P3-21A going to be launch real soon, and booking are already available. For more detail, you should visit the Proton Power of 1 event or any proton showrooms.

Model of P3-21A front

Model of P3-21A Side

This is the only national car that i keep my eyes on in these years. It is a big step forward as Proton started to catch up what current younger drivers want, ex: 1.6 turbo engine, modern shaped, mid-size Sedan, and the catchy daytime running light. Although i am still doubt about the actual day and night driving fuel consumption and turbo engine durability of this car. However, with the price tag below RM 80k, sure that it will attract lots of buyers.

Here are some images and videos i manage to capture on,

i) Structure of Proton P3-21A

ii) Proton P3-21A Sneak Peek Box

Daytime running light




Tail Light

iii) Sneak Peek Videos