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Shanghai – Intermittent enjoyment

Category : Pieces Mar 15th, 2012

A week’s work with a little adventure and a little food exploration.

Tianzifang 田子坊
An old place where every lane looks like a back lane. 一个会迷失的地方。

Lane 210, Taikang Road

Good old days 古代饭堂
A random restaurant pick at Tianzifang – Taiwanese food!

An old interior with cozy environment. It’s rather quiet, so if it’s not a good place for group gathering. Taiwanese food with old Shanghai environment. Quite nice! ^_^

Taiwanese food a must – Braised pork 滷肉
It has about 0.5cm of oil but the oil is soft and when it’s eaten, it doesn’t feel that oily. Weird~~

I thought there were a lot of meat but most of it are actually pork fats but it’s tasty, especially the gravy with rice. 肥中之乐。

Sausage fried rice
The fried rice has lots of spring onion which I dislike but the fragrant sausage could cover the spring onion taste. 肠与蛋和葱的比率很靠近。

Stir fried Choy Sum
It’s a common view seeing more branches than leaves but it’s interestingly nice to crunch. 不是顶级的Q,至少有少Q而不硬。

Herbal chicken mee sua
The outlook is too dull for a noodle from a restaurant but this is a very nice noodle for a cold rainy weather. The herbal soup is fragrant and warm. It’s appetizing. 样不可貌相,好味不可斗量。This make me miss KL’s herbal duck mee sua. *slurp*

Thumb square 大拇指广场
A place behind my hotel. A place that’s quite self sufficient if you’re on business trip, with Carrefour, fast foods, cafes, restaurants, a few factory outlets and retail shops and also “cheap” DVDs. 


199, Fangdian Road

Omi Yakiniku Japanese Restaurant 近江和牛正传
A little try of something different thinking that Shanghai is nearer to Japan, would sashimi be good? I tried.


211-215, Thumb Square, Fangdian Road

Tuna Sashimi
The freshness is in between Singapore and Japan but it’s not the closest and yet I enjoyed it. 还不错。

My favourite dish – Beef soba noodle soup
I think green soba is not the most healthy soba but I’m not given a choice, though. The beef slice and the soup is superb but the soba is a slight over cook. If I were to return, I would want to try more of their beef. 期待下一次更多的好牛肉。

Dessert – I had to share this
This is the most unexpected dessert I’ve ever seen. A small slice of orange made to look like a prawn with 2 cherry tomatoes. The prawn-like orange slice is cute but cherry tomatoes as dessert? It feels like I’m eating appetizer last. 有点奇怪的感觉。

Xin Wang Hong Kong Restaurant 新旺茶餐厅
What is the difference between the Xin Wang in Singapore and in Shanghai? Verdict: A vote for Xin Wang Shanghai. (^_^)v

L126, Kerry Parkside 浦东嘉里城

All day breakfast – Pineapple bun with butter
It’s a taste between Singapore and Hong Kong. It makes me miss Hong Kong’s pineapple bun with butter. (-_-)

Fried prawn salad
The prawn is coated with a little thick flour but the outer fried layer is nice. The fruits like peach is also nice to eat. 

Broccoli soup 上汤西兰花
I love this dish. The broccoli is crunchy and soup is delicious. 简简单单的温暖甜汤。

Stir fried beef hor fun 牛肉河
Nice but oily. It would be better if it cooks with less oil and a raw egg. 

Roasted pork – Char siew and siew yuk
Yummy! 攒!无话可说。

Chee Cheong Fun with peanut sauce
First time tasting this. Something different but the chee cheong fun is a little dry. It would be more like a whole piece of rice cake than chee cheong fun, especially I could not turn it open. (^o^) Ok, it’s a weird habit. 

Char siew bun 餐包
First look: oooo Nice! but… the contents is not the sweet black char siew. It’s rather empty with plain cooked pork. 

After a full meal, a cold stroll along the street back to my hotel.

Being an additional light bulb to my friends

Cold~~ cold~~ cold~~

Visit on Proton Power of 1 (15 March 2012)

Category : Pieces Mar 15th, 2012

It is a cloudy day, luckily din’t rain on morning, make easy on my visit to the event. 1/3 of Bukit Jalil Parking C was full when i reached, according to the Rela, Parking A reserved for those that have access pass, Parking B is where the event placed, so all normal visitor need to park at Parking C. I think the parking will be a mess on weekend, if you are going, go earlier or expect to illegal park around.

At the entry, you will be welcomed by sweeties that distribute flyer with event layout.

The event divided into different sections and booths, each will be presented with different kind of car models, as below:

Proton Design and Inovation Contest
These weird cars below are crafted by Proton employees by using existing production Proton car models. Few of them does looks quite attractive with production potential.

Proton P3-21A Section
For more photos and information about Proton P3-21A, visit here.

Proton Exora Prime
Basically a Proton Exora Bold with more luxury interior, such as: leather seats (six seats instead of 7), head rest monitors, and navigation system .

Proton Sage FLX SE
The small car with a 1.6 litre Campro IAFM engine, solid white looks good with those grey skirting, add on a spoiler will make it perfect. You can check more info on its offical website here.

Satria Neo
According to the staff, the Satria Neo Artiga concept below is a left-hand drive that to be export to other countries.


Proton Inspira Yes 4G

Proton EMAS

Proton Exora Reev

The Orang Asli Trail Run 28th April 2012

Category : Lifestyle Mar 15th, 2012

A friend told me this is one of the most inspired run he had last year, just imagine running in natural forest with Orang Asli as your guide. Luckily the “Running for Orang Asli support group” is organizing again this year. Join this event as a support to Orang Asli and any form of donation will be welcome.

For your information, this is not a race, is an event, means no prizes or medal for fast runners. Here are the quote from flyer above:

– The Orang Asli Trail Run is happy to announce that this year, the trail run will be held on 28 April 2012. Again, organized with a charity purpose and a non-competitive event, the runners can once again give back to the society for this cause ie to assist the Orang Asli villages in the region of Jalan Bentong Lama, enroute to Genting Sempah.

– Started with a bang last year, by the Running for Orang Asli support group, the trail run proved to be one of the first trail for 2011 and was a delight for runners who enjoyed the natural and the lush surrounding of the forest offered in the trail. The Orang Asli themselves scouted the trail for the runners to experience what it was like to run in the forest but proper markings were made for the runners. It was also an event where the runners had an opportunity to interact with the Orang Asli/Asal. There are not many trail runs that will be offered throughout the year.

– So for this year, we have planned for a longer trail in the forest and more exciting program, to enable the runners to understand more the nature of the trail run and interaction with the Orang Asli. This year, we have also identified a sustainable project for the OA to continue and we would like to see that materialize maybe in a year or two. In addition, we have added a smaller route for children to experience a trail run too. All in all, its organized with a view for the runners to enjoy a morning in a trail run.

Event Info:

Date : 28th April 2012
Time : 8am – 12 pm
Venue (start and finish) : Kampung 16, Jalan Bentong Lama
GPS coordinates : 3.325979,101.754792
Organiser : Running for Orang Asli support group

Online Registration : (Now!)
Registration fee :
   12-15km route : RM35 (adults only)
   3km : RM10 (children >5 years and limited only)

Facebook Page:
Facebook Event Page:

(Video Credit to:

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