Articles Collection: Property Bubble in Malaysia

Been trying to own a landed house since end of 2010, but property price increased to way beyond my ability. I starting to doubt and hope this is a bubble which will burst sometime soon. Googled out some interesting articles wrote by blogger with property related knowledge, so i gathered up and post it all here for future references.

The property bubble talks in Malaysia started since mid 2010, below are collection of articles:

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a) Must Read Articles from Agent’s Diary:

  – ‘Upbeat’ news for property market Malaysia 2012 (20, January 2012)
  – KL and Selangor property market update and outlook 2012 (04 January 2012)
  – How is the property market outlook Malaysia (10 August 2011)
  – Housing bubble in Malaysia (31 December 2010)

b) Press Release Articles:

  i) Malaysia property mart expected to moderate next year
     by Zurinna Raja Adam (16 December 2011)

  ii) Home prices: Bubble ahead?
     by Chua Eng Kee (01 October 2011)

  iii) Dr M warns of property bubble bursting
      by Leslie Lau (30 December 2010)

  iv) A real estate bubble
      by Lim Sue Goan, Translated by Soong Phui Jee/Sin Chew Daily (14 May 2010)

  v) Pay through the nose
      by Tay Tian Yan, Translated by Dominic Loh (22 Septermber 2010)

c) Blogger Articles:

  i) Boycott by sinleong (24 October 2011)
  ii) Maddening hike in house prices by B Nantha Kumar (24 October 2011)
  iii) Property Bubble Concerns Across Asia-Pacific by Salvatore_Dali (04 March 2010)

d) The Deniars

One of the forumer, KSC from stated out “3) You hear more positive public statements from people with vested interest in the property industry-bank executives, housing developers association, developers and real estate agents. Do you expect them to say that the property market has softened and going to tank? Their livelihood depend on it.

It prove what he said is true, more positive public statements published through news media recently as below:

  i) Rehda: Property prices will continue uptrend in H1 (20 January 2012)
  [says Rehda president Datuk Seri Michael Yam]

  ii) Rising confidence in property mart: Napic (18 January 2012)
  [says National Property Information Centre (Napic) director, Dr Zailan Mohd Isa]

  iii) Property Bubble in 2012 Unlikely (13 October 2011)
  [says Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Chor Chee Heung]

  iv) Glomac: No chance of asset bubble in Malaysia (02 September 2011)
  [says Glomac Group managing director cum CEO, Datuk FD Iskandar FD Mansor Iskandar]

  v) AmInvest: Property bubble building up but not alarming (03 August 2011)
  [says AmInvestment Bank Group director of retail funds, Ng Chze How]

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Hi I am from JB and here too, like KL, have seen residential and commercial property prices going sky high. double storey terrace with a built-up of 1400 – 1600 sq.ft houses in certain areas going for RM450-550k. Forget about the semi-dees as these are going well beyond 1.3-1.5million. Properties bought in 2010 launching which are now completed with CFO are in the sub sale market for at least 50% more than launching price.Is money so easily made?
New launch by developers are also now at least 50% more expensive than what they were in 2010/2011. Yet these greedy developers cited rising land prices and construction materials as main reason for increasing prices. Correct me if I am wrong, aren’t most land bought before price hike and construction material would have been locked in earlier at lower prices.

5 years ago

    Current new launch in Palm Walk 3 20X70 priced at RM 566,300. Immediately, nearby sub-sale market refer it and increase their price. Wonder when will this cycle going to end.

    5 years ago

Alao i have been visiting so many property launching and some of the staff working there have now become friends to me.
they too advise me , if I am keen to buy any property now, to wait, as they feel that the buying trend has definitely soften and Developer interest bearing scheme have been offered for slow uptake to boost the uptake. Many serviced residence apartments are also selling very slowly. Yet we read from the mainstream media that property prices are still going up for the next few years. We are all advised to buy now or regret later. Can you trust these mainstream medias ?

5 years ago

    imo, Malaysia mainstream medias can’t be trusted, obviously from the case of 428. For property news, those government spokesperson that release “positive public statements” are the problems. The whole idea is trying to confuse and push us to purchase, building a situation like “if you don’t get it now, it will be more difficult in future with the price keep increasing.” More purchasing, better economic statistic in paper and benefit for the curent government.

    5 years ago

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