Old Hong Kong Legend Restaurant 老香港传奇

I heard a friend recommending this restaurant. So I got some of my friends to went with me.

252 North Bridge Road
#02-18 Raffles City Shopping Centre
Singapore 179103

The name states as “old hong kong”. I don’t know what is “old hong kong” food like but it’s more like Shanghai + Beijing food to me.

Traditional bake salty chicken with rock salt 粗盐焗鸡
This is one of the promotional dish for today at half the normal price. The rock salt is only for show on top of a wooden basin under the plate. The chicken’s saltiness is just right. It comes with a small little plate of sweet sauce.

Chinese Yam Paste with blueberry sauce 蓝梅山药
After a few trips from Shanghai, I got to love chinese yam paste 山药 but this dish’s yam paste has been mashed laid on a piece of watermelon. Thought of trying but I got disappointed. The taste is so far from the actual yam paste they serve in Shanghai. This has no yam paste taste and too powdery for me. There won’t be a 2nd try for me. Sorry!

Triple delights roasted peking duck 片皮鸭配三色酱料
I like this dish. The skin is fragrantly roasted adding the sweet sauce that has a little light taste of chinese wine. Delicious! Worth the try.

Flaming kurobuta pork with special sauce 火焰黑豚肉
Oh yeah, it’s really flaming! I don’t know what is the recipe of the special sauce but it taste like black pepper to me but not spicy at all. The meat is tender which I like. Not the chewy black pork that some times you eat else where.

Poached local spinach cabbage with fresh beancurd 鲜腐竹泡苋菜苗
It’s a fresh light taste for vegetables. It’s good if you like it at lighter taste. If I have a choice, I would still go back for spinach with salted egg because there isn’t much taste with the soup.

Claypot eggplant with salted fish ferment 酒酿鱼香茄子煲
Just a very normal eggplant dish. I didn’t get to taste the salted fish or any good fragrant. In comparison, Hong Kong’s claypot eggplant is still on top of my list.

Duck meat wrapped in beancurd 金菇腐疲卷
This is the second dish from the peking duck. You have 3 options where the other two are the common ways of preparing: fried noodle or soup. We choose to try something different. At least we get to taste the remaining duck meats. Other than duck meat, it also contains a small little piece of onion which surprisingly I ate it because the sauce, the duck meat and the beancurd covered the onion taste. Overall, good.

Coming Soon: Google Drive (cloud based service)

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 (Image Source: TalkDroid)

  [Breaking] Newest Google Drive Screenshot Shows 5GB of Free Storage

Godin SD 22 for sale

Item: Godin SD 22 (Modified)
Price: RM 2200 (negotiable)
Dealing method: Cash
Location of seller: Cheras / Kajang / Petaling Jaya
Item conditions: Good
Free stuffs:
  – 3 stock pickups GS1 (Neck), GS1 (middle), GHB1 (Bridge)
  – Quality Guitar Strap
  – Godin Soft Case


i) Robert Godin autograph on Maple neck

ii) Superb Pickups Installed:
      Neck: Seymour Duncan Cool Rails™
      Middle: Seymour Duncan Hot Stack®
      Bridge: Seymour Duncan Invader SH-8

iii) Tone Knob: Push-pull Knobs Splitter installed
      – it allow you to split Humbucker coils to single coil by tapping on it
      – the split can be apply on Neck and Bridge pickups
      – note that Seymour Duncan Cool Rails™ is a Single-Coil-Sized Humbucker.

Contact: Click on “Contact me” on bottom of this website

SD 22
The SD 22 combines the easy feel of a short scale (24¾”) with the added snap of a rock maple neck. The short scale reduces string tension, which provides easy string bending and augments the low frequency response. The compact feel of the neck and the diagonal radius carved into the body produces exceptional balance and comfort. In short, this guitar is fun to play, and lends itself to classic rock and R&B sounds. The SD Leaftop has a Premium Grade veneer of highly figured Maple. Maple or rosewood fingerboards are optional in all colors.


Top nut: Tusq by Graphtech
Nut width: 1 11/16″
Scale: 24 ¾”
Radius: 12″
Tuners: Godin high ratio sealed tuners
Frets: Medium Nickel
Neck: Rock Maple
Fingerboard: Maple
Colors: Midnight Blue

5-Way Pickup Selector
1 Volume Knob, 1 Tone Knob

Official Site: http://www.godinguitars.com/godinsdp.htm
Official Manual: http://www.godinguitars.com/performanceseries.pdf