Top Seven Android Travel Apps for Malaysian

There are some applications that may ease while travelling in local or oversea, hereby are seven free Android applications that i recommend for Malaysians:

i) AirAsia by Mobile Travel Technologies Ltd

  • Book a Flight – Book and pay for your flights via mobile
  • My Bookings – View your current bookings
  • My Account – Manage your AirAsia account
  • Mobile Check-in – Avoid the queues, check-in via mobile
  • Flight Info – View flight times
  • Flight Schedules – View flight timetables
  • Market:

    ii) Maybank2u Malaysia by Malayan Banking Berhad

  • Account Summary – Balance Inquiry, Recent Transactions
  • Funds Transfer – To Registered Interbank GIRO, Registered 3rd Party Accounts
  • Payments – Registered Bill Payment, Card Payment
  • Prepaid – Mobile Prepaid Instant Top Up
  • Others – View Forex Rates, Loan Calculator
  • Market:

    iii) Golden Screen Cinemas by Golden Screen Cinemas Sdn Bhd

  • GSC movie listings with real-time show times
  • Purchase movie tickets
  • Select seats
  • E-Payment facility (Maybank2U, PayPal or RHB)
  • Market:

    iv) Waze Social GPS & Live Traffic by Waze

  • Live community-contributed traffic information and road reports
  • Notification when approaching police traps, speed cams, heavy traffic or hazards on the road
  • Free traffic by-passing navigation featuring voice-guided, turn-by-turn guidance
  • Live map + real-time road monitoring & automatic re-routing as conditions on the road change
  • Create or join local driving groups, plus the option to link up with other drivers for carpooling
  • Foursquare, Twitter & Facebook integrations, plus fun, geo-gaming elements
  • Market:

    v) PLUS Toll Rate by Evozi

  • PLUS toll rate calculator
  • Latest PLUS expressways news and announcements
  • Live PLUS traffic updates
  • LiveE traffic camera
  • Share traffic status to social network
  • Market:

    vi) by smarter hotel booking

  • Book over 160,000 hotels worldwide
  • Click to find hotels near you, wherever you are
  • Use our filters to find the perfect hotel for your budget and style
  • Find your way back to the hotel with interactive maps
  • Market:

    vii) Unit Converter by Wopnersoft

  • Currency conversions for over 60 countries
  • The ability to save commonly used conversions to favorites list
  • Common units of measure, including Area, Distance, Volume, etc
  • Quick list view to see all converted values on a single screen
  • Intuitive menu options to easily swap to/from unit and copy result to the clipboard
  • Market:

    Guangzhou – just a day

    A side track to Guangzhou for a day. A little walk and a lot more food… ^_^

    Pearl River

    Food street Restaurant at China Hotel, a Marriott Hotel (中國大酒店食街)

    This is one of the traditional environment restaurant but it is in a hotel. I thought it would be expensive but not all food.
    122 Liuhua Road,China Hotel
    Their famous dishes are…

    Tengzai Porridge (荔湾艇仔粥)
    I thought this porridge would be dull and plain but it consists of a lot of ingredients such as fish maw, sotong, fish slices, peanuts, eggs, pork meat and a weird piece of things (below) that is also nice to eat. A big bowl of porridge for RMB35.

    This weird thing tastes like some underwater sea sponge. It has many small dots on it but it’s crispy and bland in nicely with the porridge.

    Prawn wanton noodles (鲜虾云吞面)
    This is a very big bowl of wanton noodles. The wanton is also rather big with quite nice.

    We also ordered…

    Roasted porks (烧肉,乳猪,叉烧)
    The siew yuk skin and yu ju skin are crispy and it’s delicious. The char siew is not the charcoal-roasted type but it has a slight burned smell that I like.

    Steamed minced pork (顺德蒸肉饼)
    This is a very different steamed minced pork that I have ever eaten. The pork is not very minced. It will be nice to eat with white rice or porridge. Otherwise, it will be too salty to be eaten on its own.

    Lian Xiang Lou Restaurant (莲香楼)
    This one of the famous restaurant which is more than 100 years old brand in Guangzhou for its dim sum and pastries.
    Night and Day

    Stir-fried vegetables in wooden basin (木盆炒粗斋)
    The glass noodle is very nice with the vegetables. If the dish would have more glass noodle, only this dish would be enough for my dinner.

    Roasted pigeon (红烧乳鸽皇)
    This pigeon is less salty and the meat is not dry. I love this dish more than roasted goose. I would have more if I’m not so full.

    Preserved meat claypot rice(腊味煲仔饭)
    It has been a very long time since I have eaten preserved meat. This is a very delicious nice. I will want to come back for this! Yummy~~!



    Glutinous rice 八宝糯米饭
    I expected it to be steamed glutinous chicken 糯米鸡 but it’s lotus leaf glutinous rice 荷叶饭. It contains ingredients such as salted egg yolk, pork, and lap cheong.
    Radish cake 家乡萝卜糕
    It’s a very soft radish cake with a little radish taste. I think it’s a little oily but actually all radish cakes are oily.
    Durian flaky pastry 泰国榴莲酥
     is a dish that you would like to eat it last. The flaky pastry is crispy and the durian taste is not very strong but it will still spoilt your taste bud. However, I think that there is a very light oily taste 一点点臭油味.

    Prawn dumpling 莲香虾饺皇
    Oh well, just normal.
    Salted bun 凤凰流沙包
    This is good! It melts but it dries off easily if you don’t eat it immediately. It has a stronger salted egg taste.
    Wren egg siew mai 鹩蛋蒸烧卖
    This is very special. It’s a totally different type of siew mai. It’s a nice try but not a dish that I will keep going back for.
    Four kinds vermicelli roll 四式蒸肠粉
    First time eating this. Four kinds would include beef, prawn, char siew and pork slices. The beef is not that nice with the roll. The char siew and pork slices is in one roll but it’s just so-so. The prawn roll taste the best among the rolls.
    Char siew tart 金牌叉烧挞

    Char siew is sweet and tart is salty and soft. A mixed is saltily sweet tart. Nice!