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Inside Foxconn @ China: The iFactory

Category : Tech Feb 24th, 2012

Foxconn, Apple’s main Chinese manufacturer. The factory that assembly Apple‘s “i” products (iPod, iPad and iPhone), located in Shenzhen, China.

“For the first time ever, Apple allowed a journalist onto its production line and to witness the labor conditions inside Foxconn, which have sometimes been reported to be unfair and unsafe.” (Joanna Stern,

a) The original news article released on Monday, A Trip to The iFactory: ‘Nightline’ Gets an Unprecedented Glimpse Inside Apple’s Chinese Core, news video as below:
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b) On Tuesday, expanded version of the original report was aired. Nightline Special Edition, a full 15-minutes video into Foxconn by ABC’s Bill Weir. Detail as below:

      Episode: 237
      Nightline 2/21: “Apple’s Chinese Factories: Exclusive.”
      News Link: An exclusive look inside Apple’s factory in China.


  i) A Trip to The iFactory: ‘Nightline’ Gets an Unprecedented Glimpse Inside Apple’s Chinese Core
  ii) Foxconn: Nightline goes behind the scenes at Apple assembly line in China
  iii) Foxconn, Apple, and the Fair Labor Association Respond to ABC News’ Exclusive Report
  iv) Photos: Inside Apple’s Factories in China

Jeremy Lin vs Atlanta Hawks

Category : Lifestyle Feb 24th, 2012

The start of my journey…

Category : Pieces Feb 24th, 2012

Many journeys through freezing Alps, wavy rivers, trembling foot and exciting food in the last few years was great but as age is catching up, my memory seems to get lost very often around the brain library. So, it is time to catalog my journeys on this library.

The past remains an experience, the future becomes an excitement! 🙂