Mazda3 Windscreen: “Star” Shaped Stone Chips

Again, my Mazda 3’s windscreen got another stone chips on Jalan Duta with speed around 110 km/h. It is a Star-shaped damage, you can refer image below for different kind of damages,

Image source:

A chip can become a crack if left too long or doesn’t take any extra care about it. I have experienced a single rock chip that extended to long hair line crack which need to replace whole windscreen (within 3 days), read the post here, it is just waste of money and time.

Below are the way to protect windscreen from further damage:

1. Repair the chips as soon as possible before it develop into a large crack
2. Place a small piece of ‘cello-tape’ over the impact point on the windscreen. It can prevent water and dust from entering the damaged area and distorting your view permanently.
3. Don’t wash your vehicle. The water will contaminate the damaged area and could cause the crack to grow.
4. Avoid too much vibrate or force on the windscreen, such as speeding (wind pressure), touch the damage point or slam the door.
5. Avoid parking in the hot, direct sun. Hot windscreens are weaker and tend to crack easier.

As for this time, i wait no more. When the stone chips crack happened, i drove directly to a Windscreen Repair shop in Sungai Long, Kajang as below:

   Shop Name : Dynamic Automobile & Windshield Repair Services
   Phone Contact : 03-90191973
   HP Contact : 016-2130413 (Shirley)
   Adress :
        AG-5 Block A, Glen Court,
        Persiaran Sungai Long,
        43000 Kajang,

According to the staff, there are 2 Star shaped connected cracks on the windscreen. The whole repairing process takes around 20 minutes and only cost RM 80.

As mentioned by the staff, reason why windscreen crack can be repair is because there is a Poly Vinyl Butyral (PVB) layer on the screen, normal stone chip will damage on the plastic PVB layer and this can be repair with a resin injection.


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