Jeremy Lin first appearance at Madison Square

These Detroit Pistons at New York Knicks videos are the first appearance of Jeremy Lin at Madison Square, on 31 January 2012. 4 Points 4 Assists 1 Steal 1 Rebound in Final 6 minutes.

i) On Court: 林書豪第一次在紐約主場亮相…

ii) Backstage: 我和范范賽後到球員家屬的休息室,書豪也跟大家打招呼…

Videos above shot by Taiwanese celebrities Blackie Chen 黑人陈建州 and Christine Fan “范范” 范玮琪, youtube username “blackieattitude

Immune System will be low after Marathon

Saw this phrase from “DID YOU KNOW?” column on front-page of Standard Chartered KL Marathon

That your immune system will be very low after your run, especially if you have just completed the marathon? So if your friends have any illnesses, please keep away from them at least until a couple of hours after you have finished.

Similar information can be found in an article by Sara Latta, “The Infection Connection

If you think about it, a race situation is an ideal time for viral crooks to crack the vault. At the expo or at the beginning of the race, you’re exposed to hundreds, sometimes thousands, of other runners in fairly close proximity. When the race begins, you’re all breathing hard, inhaling and exhaling microbes with extra gusto. Nieman and others have shown that one in seven runners comes down with an upper respiratory infection after taking part in a marathon—compared with just two out of 100 runners who didn’t compete. Take part in an ultra event such as the 100-mile Western States Endurance Run, and your chances of getting sick are more like one in four.

  i) The Infection Connection (Sara Latta, 2004)

  ii) Just What Does Running a Marathon Do to Your Body? (Jake Emmett Ph.D., 2007)

  iii) Standard Chartered KL Marathon