Sync Contacts Between Android and Google

First, Exports Phone Contacts to .vcf
  1 Go to “Phonebook”
  2 Press the menu button
  3 Select “Back up contacts” and select “Memory card”
  4 Confirm export by clicking “Ok”
  5 Wait until export is done

in my case (Sony Ericsson Arc),
– i can’t find the exported “PIM00001.vcf” contacts file by using ES File Explorer
– Found it by using Root explorer under this path: /mnt/sdcard/PIM/PIM00001.vcf

Root Explorer Search Result

Second, according to, Steps to import contacts to Google Sync (by using PC):
  1 Go to in your Internet browser
  2 Log in to your Google account
  3 Go to “Contacts” view
  4 Select “More”
  5 Select “Import”
  6 Select “Browse”
  7 Find and select the contacts.vcf file you already created
  //You can copy your contacts.vcf to dropbox or other method to your pc/laptop//
  8 Select “Import”
  9 Check that contacts are correctly imported
  10 Make sure you have the Google account sync enabled in your phone (go to Settings -> Accounts & sync)


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Root with Lock Bootloader: Easy Rooting Toolkit [v3.0]

Xperia 2011 Easy Rooting Toolkit [v3.0](zergRush Exploit). This is a another way for xperia arc user to root without unlock bootloader, created by DooMLoRD from xda-Developers.

According to Author, it works on
  – Windows (yes, you need a windows laptop or desktop to make this work)
  – Xperia Arc 2.3.4 (4.0.2.A.0.42), list of working devices
  – For older firmware, this was mentioned in the forum, here: “yes… since it works on the latest .42 FW it should easily work on ALL older firmware too for ALL XPERIA 2011 DEVICES!!!!”

Steps by Author:
  – just download the attached file, extract it using winzip/winrar
  – go to the folder where its extracted and execute “RUNME.bat”
  – read and follow the instructions on the screen!

Easy Rooting Toolkit Downloads:

*Update on 3/12/2011

Detail step by step guide from addictivetips:

Things to download:
  i) ADB drivers for Xperia Arc:
  ii) Single click rooting script:

Xperia 2011 Easy Rooting Toolkit [v3.0]

Root Xperia Arc With Xperia Easy Rooting Toolkit [Guide] [ZergRush]