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Category : Music, Tech Oct 2nd, 2011

In Official Gibson website, instead of guitar catalogue and on-line store. There are something that you can grab from it,

i) Gibson Application for Android and iPhone

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  The app called “Gibson Learn & Master Guitar”, it features:
    – Tuner
    – Metronome
    – Chord Chart
    – Lessons from Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar
  Download site:

ii) Gibson Backstage Pass (2006 – 2007 Magazine)
  – Interviews of artist, Articles on Legends
  – Rich media with high quality Audios and Videos
  – Note: Click on “Back Issue” for more articles
  Access Site:

iii) Gibson Free Music
  – Tons of music available
  – Audio can be play or Download as mp3
  – Well categorized into genres
  Access Site:

iv) Gibson Wallpapers :
  – Free Wallpapers
  – Wallpapers for Desktop and iPhone
  Access Site:

v) Gibson Guitar Lessons:
  – Lots of lessons available
  – Video lessons
  Access Site: