New Android Market

How to Install?

New Android Market is not global officially launch yet. However, the .apk already released through unofficial channels.

Just download .apk from any links below and copy/mail/dropbox to phone, simply launch it and install.




* no root required
* i experienced a forced close after installed. Re-launch and it will be fine.
* the new market works beautifully in Sony Ericsson Arc



#1 Why Google+
  i) Future android phones will come with pre-installed Google+
  ii) Much complete and powerful Google+ app on Android
  iii) Better and easier of privacy control
  iv) Integration between Google products such as Gmail, Calendar, Docs and YouTube
  v) Messaging already seamlessly now in android google+.
       (Potential to eliminate uses of SMS, whatsapp, MSN in future.)

#2 How to join Google+
  i) Ask Google+ users to invite you
  ii) Wait until Google+ available to public

#3 How to install Google+ in Google Chrome
  Click here: Google Plus

#4 How to install Google+.apk in Android phone from Outside US
  i) Get .apk here:
  ii) Rooted phone, use Market Enabler to fake SIM Issuer and download Google+ from Market

#5 How to invite friends to Google+
  i) Click on “Invite People to join Google+” link at right column of Chrome Google+
  ii) If link above not available, simply share a comment/post/picture with friend’s email

#6 Google+Facebook
  For those who want to catch up News feed from Facebook in Google+, try this extensions:

#7 Android Google+ Photos/Videos Upload
  – All photos and videos taken will auto upload to google+ private album
  – Few useful options can be choose from setting-> Instant upload Setting
  – Uncheck Instant Upload If you prefer upload manually.

#8 Android Google+ Push notification
  Google+ has few options for huddle and general notification, check it out in Setting.

  “Two Ways That Google Plus Can Turn the Social Networking Tide”

Apps for rooted Android

Applications for rooted android,

i) Titannium Backup: A must have for rooted phone.

ii) My Backup Root: It even backup your Homescreen setting.

iii) Root explorer: It let you access to any system file.

iv) Screen Shot: Works the same as PC print-screen.

v) Market Enabler: It fakes your SIM issuer code to others, so you can download applications that not available in some countries. Such as apps below:
  – Google+
  – Pocket soccer
  – Kindle