Goodbye Lullaby

What a surprise avril bring up on this new album. This is an album that bring us closer to avril, one that represents her music and life.

“Smile”, “What the hell” and “Bad Reputation” continues attitude from previous albums, then the rest of album tracks shows a different side that we din’t know, a soft, girlish, emotional and romance with love.

“Wish you were here”, “Push”, “Goodbye”, “Remember When”, “Not Enough”, “Stop Standing There”. These tracks are like confessions and conversations between a couple.

There are two amazing acoustic live that avril performed on, Walmart Soundcheck and 4play.

i) Walmart Soundcheck

ii) 4play

IMHO, “Push” in 4play is a bit better than album version. Live version creates more warm and emo; down tuned allow her voice sounds stays on sweet spot on verse, shine in chorus with wider range of dynamics.

The arrangement in 4play is more friendly than album version. Which is more acoustic pop and piano playing through the chorus done a great job.

More avril videos:

Avril’s angry no more

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