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Mercedes-Benz C-Class C200 (W205 CKD), collected on 2016

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Parents of mine purchased a Mercedes-Benz C-Class C200 on new year, collected on January 2016.


Keyless remote, but without keyless entry sensor on door handle which mean you need to take out the remote, press on unlock then put back in pocket or bag again. Unlike Honda HR-V that i just keep the remote in my pocket.


According to our agent, the car will have minor changes since November production but without listed detail or specification from official.

Landmark @ Sungai Long

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Got an invitation from Cheras Hong Soon staff to Landmark 1 (Phase 2 of Landmark project) showroom, so went to visit and took some pictures for record. Showroom located at the exact site of Landmark project, nearby exit of Sungai Long traffic light to Cheras–Kajang Expressway.


Wonder why Cheras Hong Soon want to make this confusing, the previous launched “Landmark II” is the first phase of the Landmark project, the latest launch “Landmark I” is the second phase. As image above, Landmark 1 placed nearer to the coming soon Bukit Dukung MRT Station, walking distance should be around 10 minutes, but through the heavy traffic road though, safety will be the concern here.

Titanium Bike: Charge Skewer Ti

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The Fondriest TF3 1.2 was sent for warranty due to paint crack issue on all over of frame. Thought the warranty process will takes around 1 month, but after done some e-mailing to Taiwan and Italy, seems like the frame is out there somewhere pending for whatever reason and i believe the waiting period will be very long.


After advised by club members, decided to search for a replacement. Thanks to my mentor’s guidance and help to narrow down the option, Charge Skewer Ti is the answer.


Cyclomotion at Shah Alam, dealer for Charge and KTM, saw few De Rosa road bike available for sale too. Look for Mr. Ijad for advise on bikes and also bike fit, he is extremely well experienced on bike fitting.

Green Mosquito @ Sungai Long

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Saw a green mosquito at living room on very early morning, attracted by the light and came into the house. It is not very active maybe due to timing and limited lights around.

Green Mosquito

Check out this interesting post below from “GWTL” at Biology-Online forum thread: Green Mosquito===Photos Available,

I live in South Africa. I’ve probably seen about 3 green mosquitoes around my house in about 5 years (all males). I found This one sitting on the wall in front of me while I was studying.

As far as I know all the male mosquitoes in our area are all green (or so I hear). I haven’t seen any other references to green males though. As I understand it they’re rarely seen because

1. they’re males and don’t drink blood (and thus don’t usually enter houses).
2. Male’s lives are much shorter than female’s lives.
3. They’re green and camouflage very well.

This theory about green males obviously isn’t true about all mosquito species.

The females are black.