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How to: disable Google Now home button shortcut

Category : Huawei, Tech News · No Comments · by Aug 7th, 2015

The home button in Huawei Honor 6 Plus is very sensitive and responsive, this may because of the optimization since it was an on-screen button. On the other hand, the sensitivity also create a problem, high rate of mistakenly launch Google Now by slide up home button slightly .

Done some searching and testing, this is the way disable Google Now home button shortcut, steps as below,

i) go to Setting -> under apps section, select “Manage apps”
ii) under “All” tab -> search for “Google App” with blue icon as image above.
iii) click in it and select “Disable”, follow the step and click on “Uninstall”.
iv) done. Google apps such as Gmail, google play and others still work as normal. Only “Google Search”, google now and its home button swipe up shortcut will be disappear.
v) you can enable by repeating step above, and click on “Enable”, as image below.


How to: make Huawei Swype Keyboard Perform Faster

Category : Huawei, Tech News · No Comments · by Aug 6th, 2015

After weeks of using of using Huawei Honor 6 Plus, i experience lagging Swype Keyboard that is very annoying when you in a hurry. This happened when multiple apps were running behind, you may kill all the apps to make it type smoother, but that may interrupt progress of writing.

In lagging situation, Swype will prompt up on-screen keyboard slower, swiping words will lag and follow by delayed swipe trace animation. Fast fingers will find it more troublesome as it unable to catch up typing speed by drop out letters or short words.

IMO, this is because of EMUI left out optimization of Swype, and it was categorized as those application that can use less CPU processing power. So, when the system was set as “Smart” Power plan (By default), it will automatically adjust the CPU and only allow certain apps (ex: games) can use more processing power.


To make Swype Keyboard perform faster, go to Setting -> under Device section, Power saving -> scroll up a little bit -> select “Normal

I restarted the phone, and the Swype Keyboard is performing fast and instant for days.

Single Storey Semi-Detached @ Bandar Utama, Gua Musang

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Went to take a look on the Bandar Utama property, Phase 2 are now developing which includes seven different types. There are two types that we visited, Single Storey Semi-Detached (40’x80′) type A and the more expensive Single Storey Semi-Detached (40’x80′) type B.

i) Single Storey Semi-Detached A (40’x80′)


Only discover all the single storey here was built by concrete, same for both Type A and Type B.

Travel Life Bicycle auxiliary bar

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Bought a in-car bike carrier bar that called “Bicycle auxiliary bar”, assembled by Taiwan company named “GREAT SAN YEI BRASS CO., LTD (尚益銅器股份有限公司)”.


Purchase the product from Tat Seng Bicycle Centre HQ at 33, Jalan 34/154, Taman Delima, 56000 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, it cost RM 160 without GST. Note*: thought it was RM 160 when i message them at Facebook, felt cheated here, a lesson learnt to make sure to ask whether GST was icnluded.


Product detail as below,

Model: CB-01N
Model Name: Bicycle auxiliary bar
Material: 6063 aluminium alloy
Length: 34cm
Length (extended): 58cm
Note: turn-able strap system on one side


The bar is firm after few test and practices, no worry on scratches will be caused by it. With the auxiliary bar, i can squeeze in another folding bike, JAVA FIT 16-Speeds at beside and still having 3/5 car trunk space behind.

For more information, check on official website: CB-01N.
For more photos, head to Flickr album: Travel Life Bicycle auxiliary bar