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Synology Photo Station 6: Users can’t access album

Category : Tech News · No Comments · by Feb 25th, 2015

Got a new Synology DS115j since the Buffalo Malaysia doesn’t support or provide assist on my Buffalo Linkstation Pro LS-VL that got HDD bad sector problem. Very happy about the new NAS, the interface (DiskStation Manager 5.1) is simple and strong to perform most of the tasks you need.

Synology DiskStation - DS115j

One problem i faced when tried to access Photo Station 6 with created users account other than admin. It happens on browser, both Android DS photo+ and iOS DS Photo+. With admin account, i could access and view all the photos once launch the application. But with other accounts, it shows blank, not a single photo was display.

Tried to check user permission on DSM’s Control Panel -> User -> Edit -> Applications, all the applications such as “Download Station” and “Video Station” are there, except Photo Station. In my opinion, this happen because Photo Station designed differently, unlike others that launched within DSM itself, Photo Station launched in another window, therefore it is not included in the DSM permission control.

Photo Station 6

It appear Photo Station got it’s own setting for the permission control, here are steps to solve the problem:

i) log into DSM interface
ii) click on main menu button on top right
iii) select and launch Photo Station
iv) in Photo Station interface, click on “Settings”
v) click on “Groups” at the left column
vi) select “users”, click “Edit”
vii) click “Assign Privileges”
viii) what i did is tick/check on “Browse Album” and “Upload Files”

Synology Photo Station 6 Settings

For more information, refer Synology forum thread: Photo Station – Users cannot login

Tempered Glass Extended Roof

Category : Lifestyle · No Comments · by Feb 10th, 2015


After refer on other house with similar installation, we too decide to install tempered glass roof to extend, reduce heat and cover car from rain.


The installation took 2 days, first day was to fit bone supports in right place without the glass.


Two days after, tempered glass was installed. The glass is strong enough to support weight of a person.


Black glue foam was applied between glasses to avoid leaking, so far (two months) there are no water leaks while heavy rain.


Pretty satisfied with the installation, one thing to note is water marks will be there after rain, especially after sun-shower. The total cost is RM 7k+, took almost 3 week time to get everything done from dealing to installation complete.

Mazda 3 (2010): Window auto-up/down issue

Category : Cars · No Comments · by Feb 1st, 2015

After car battery died and got it replaced, window on the driver side seems to not working as usual. Normally, i just pressed once (and release) on button and it will automatically scroll down or up all the way.

Problem here is i have to pressed all the way if want to open/close the windows fully, it is quite annoying as i have to repeat it when passing by security scanner to swipe the card. Luckily found a thread at mazdas247.com mentioned on how to fix this issue, refer: Driver’s side window auto-up/down issues.

Steps on fixing the issue, originally posted by lovmyrx7:

i) Have your window all the way up.
ii) Hold the switch down, when it reaches the bottom, continue holding for three seconds.
iii) After holding for three seconds, hold the switch up.
iv) Once it reaches the top continue holding for 3 seconds. You should hear a clicking letting you know the AUTO feature has been programmed.

Suunto Ambit pair with Cateye ISC-11

Category : Cycling, Lifestyle · No Comments · by Jan 28th, 2015

Been want to try a cadence sensor for sometime, but the price for Suunto cadence is out of my budget. Thanks to Eric Liew for introduce an alternative to me, the Cateye ISC-11 cadence/speed sensor. Got it from Joo Ngan Son Bicycle at Uptown Damansara for RM 160.


Check “thisisant.com” for the compatible devices for Cateye ISC-11 cadence/speed sensor, it can be pair with 133 products as listed.


Thought of not to put on speed sensor because of the Gps was included in Suunto ambit, but only realised speed sensor can be use for indoor spinning on turbo trainer.


Installation is kinda tricky and give me headache. After consult from Eric Liew, it works perfectly now.


Steps as below:
i) install the device by following the manual on box
ii) press middle button of Suunto ambit for few second -> choose “pair” -> select “bike pod”
iii) give it a few spin when pairing, it should pair successfully

Tested on 85km ride on this morning, working good as it should.