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Huawei Honor 6 Plus: PE-TL10C900B332 Software Update

Category : Huawei, Tech News · (2) Comments · by Nov 25th, 2015

At last, a much more stable international version of Honor 6 Plus ROM released on 17 November 2015. Version labelled as PE-TL10C900B332, uploaded at Hong Kong Huawei official site that i believe will work well in South East Asia.


Saw few peoples stated in Vmall forum, that OTA update is now available, especially those that stayed in stock Emui 3.0 for Malaysia unit.

However, if you bought china unit or already updated to India version like i did in this post, then you will need to update manually.

Steps to manually upgrade to EMUI 3.1 PE-TL10C900B332:

i) download PE-TL10C900B332.rar package
ii) i am unable to unzip properly on the phone, transferred to PC, unzipped and transferred and copied both “dload” and “vendor” file back to phone’s “sdcard” folder .
iii) each extracted “dload” and “vendor” file consist of UPDATE.APP, where first is 2.1GB full ROM and second is a small 18KB patch file

Charge Skewer Information and Charge 2011 Catalogue

Category : Cycling, Lifestyle · No Comments · by Nov 19th, 2015

My Fondriest TF3 1.2 was sent for warranty claim due to paint crack, was told it will takes more than 3 months for the claim process. Decide to get another bike, leader of cycling club introduce Charge Skewer Ti to me, but limited official information can be found. As i know, Charge Bikes started on year 2004 and based in England, frames are build in Taiwan.

Charge Skewer

Sizes of the bike can be refer on image above, assume the frame doesn’t change since 2011. Short introduction of Charge Skewer as image below,

Charge Skewer 01

The old Charge 2011 Catalogue can be read below, for clearer version head to issuu.com.

Bandar Sungai Long alternative exit to SILK Highway construction done

Category : Cycling, Lifestyle, Others · No Comments · by Oct 21st, 2015


Finally, after months of constructions, the road it is all done now but still awaiting official to open for public. Already saw cyclist access the exit to SILK Highway for few times.

Took a few shots on 17th Oct Saturday after Magnum ride at Semenyih.

Video above taken at Silk highway which the exit connected.

Video above taken at entrance of the road at Bukit Sungai Long residential area.

Huawei Honor 6 Plus: EMUI 3.1 + Android 5.1 Lollipop Software Update

Category : Huawei, Tech News · (7) Comments · by Sep 30th, 2015

Previous Emui 3.0 working perfectly until recently, Spotify music tracks unable to be skip by press on steering wheel skip button. This happened out of sudden, seems like the Huawei “Music” (Version V7.1.20) system app somehow overwrite the command codes. The skip button will trigger or skip Huawei Music tracks and pause Spotify music playing, instead of skipping tracks on Spotify as usual. This annoyed me for weeks, done several methods such as reinstall both apps, “Clear data” in Music app, change other app as default music app as Spotify doesn’t appear in default music app selection and re-pair bluetooth, but no luck.

Since lazy to do factory reset, so i put my hope on the on coming official EMUI 3.1 + Android 5.1 Lollipop software update that released on 29th September 2015, stated on Honor India Facebook Page. Day after hihonor official release the official update package on their website, i downloaded and upgraded it with “Local update” method.

The update file “PE-TL10C900B324.zip” (1.24 GB) can be download at: hihonor support page . Under “Downloads Section”, with title name “PE-TL10C900B324 Upgrade Software“, description “This upgrade software is for Honor 6+ upgrade to Lollipop (Android 5.1) [LARGE FILE:~1.34GB]

Steps to upgrade to EMUI 3.1:

Strongly recommend to perform whole update progress by using stable Wi-fi connection and fully charged battery.

i) download PE-TL10C900B324.zip package
ii) unzip and copy extracted “dload” file (with UPDATE.APP in the folder) into SD card or internal storage
iii) go to Setting -> update -> press on “Menu” at bottom -> choose “Local update”, then it will show you a file as below:
iv) select and install it. It takes around 25 minutes for the whole update, 15 min for update and booting, another 10 min for applications optimizing process, will take longer if there are plenty of apps.
v) Note that all applications data such as: contacts, photos, downloaded files and WhatsApp history will be remain as usual.
vi) Once the phone boot in, it will be lagging for another 10 – 15 minutes due to syncing and checking version of installed apps. In my case, Google Service needed to be update before i can use Google applications as normal.
vii) Basically EMUI 3.1 update are done for now. Few things i need to do are, update apps to compatible with Android Lollipop, Re-arrange quick toggles and change the navigation bar setting to my preference.